Source to Sea

A hand crafted wooden goblet will carry the pure drop from the source of the river Lee to the ocean at the mouth of Cork harbour. Meet the maker here.

In Ireland we have a very strong tradition of word-smiths and musicians. Look and listen to the haunting words and music inspired by the magical Lee river here.

Streamscapes have been educating children and communities throughout Ireland for three decades. Get a glimpse of their magnificent ongoing outdoor classroom project here.

This video presents the first verse of Mark Boyden's poem "We Haven't A Clue". It's a very powerful, positive statement from a person who has dedicated his life to 'water'

The magical sound of cello and the female voice pulse and  fuse with the words of a dedicated stream and river educator.

This original song was inspired by the stories of a very passionate man who has been fishing on the river Lee for over forty years.

This original song highlights the darker powers of our great oceans.